Little Canyons (Preorder)

by Timmy Vilgiate

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    releases 14 March 2015

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Shine Your Eyes
Function feat. Hannah Lara
Just Words
Patron Saints
Little Canyons feat. Kyla Valenti
Even Summer's Cold
Conditional Dance
Parchment (Samp. Roomful of Teeth)
Elephant Parts/Elephant Party
New Grace feat. Micaela Davidson


I started work on Little Canyons in January of 2013, though I had previously planned it out many times before then under different names. A great deal of the songs deal with my own depression, with loss, and with the trauma suffered by my community of Woodland Park during the Waldo Canyon Fire and the other tragedies of that summer. Almost 50 songs were recorded or drafted for Little Canyons, with some of them appearing on, "Through Cardboard Walls". The writing of the album came about very gradually, as did the recording, with the first recording of Rose starting in February and finishing in May of 2013, and the last recording on the album happening on that very song in February 2015 while mastering the album. (new bass guitar part added) I hope you'll download and listen to the entire thing, there is a wide variety of things on this album, and you'll probably find at least one song you like.


releases 14 March 2015

Writing and Production.

Timothy Vilgiate: Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Orchestral drums, Drum set, Buffalo Drum, Ukulele, Sample manipulation, programming, recording, vocals, keyboard, piano, banjo, Upright bass.
Elijah Petty: Production, Mixing, Mastering, Recording on Van Gogh, Vocoding in Patron Saints, Bagpipe manipulation in Even Summer's Cold, Removal of the Mamba in Conditional Dance.

Vocal Features and Sample Acknowledgements.

Hannah Lara: Voice on Function, Also credited with watching that one movie about Satan in the elevator with me, and attempting to drive with me to Glenwood Springs in the snow storm from hell.

Marriage of Figaro by Mozart sampled in Just Words, performed by Solveig Olsen and accidentally picked up on recorder. Asked her if I could use it. Added something from a HUM 3990 class on the renaissance, a choir, do not recall the origin.

Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega sampled in Patron Saints, rearranged into 4/4 and performed by myself while softly crying in the dark, appropriate to the song.

Kyla Valenti: Voice on Little Canyons. Putting up with me. Listening to crappy rough drafts of the songs on this album.

Sarabande by a Roomful of Teeth sampled in Parchment, composed by Caroline Shaw. Very beautiful contemporary classical music.

Micaela Davidson: Voice on New Grace, recorded in between the outbursts of noise from the boiler in her house. First person to hear the song when it was written in 2012, as well as Cadence. Made the valuable suggestion to not perform these in a falsetto.

Other Instrumentalists

Stephanie Harris: Violin on Through the Night. So much better than using a keyboard.
Lily Oram: Cello on Through the Night. My cousin, what a champ.
Joseph Irvin: Analog Synthesizer on Through the Night. Randomly invited to my house on night, next thing you know, he was on the track.
Ashley Vrtis: Alto Saxophone on Through the Night. Tolerating my awkward and miserably unpracticed "conducting"
Rachel Marolf: Trumpet on Through the Night. Hit note so high Elijah mistook it for a whistle. It took a very long time.

OH! And the cover art is by Ashleigh Hollowell. It inspired the lyrics to Little Canyons.



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Track Name: Rose
Bb Gm Dm C
Eyes on fire
She is staring at the brink
Throw her to the pyre
She is ready don't you think?
Light her heart into a bonfire
Pour her life into a sink
Prick a million points of light
She is ready don't you think

Oh Rose
Why do you stroke your father's whip?
Oh Rose
Don't let them bring you down to this

But their words are always
Written in ink
Can't erase the night
You just throw it to the brink
Now we wear crowns of fire
We are ready don't you think?
All hearts into the bonfire
Oh now, do you hear us scream?

Chorus, x2
Bridge: Bb F
But even through these hours
You are stronger than you could think
In your heart there's so much power
You may not but I believe
Track Name: Heart Still Beating
Chords: Bb Gm X2 Bb F Bb Eb

Hold my hand so I know your heart's still beating
Dear so young how is your life this fleeting
Sips of sacred poison and I fall crumpled to the floor
Come a little closer, I wish that I could give you more

Hold my hand so I know your heart's still beating
Hold my hand so I can feel your heart still beating next to me
Please cause I don't want to lose you now
Please cause I don't want to lose you

Why can't we make it work?
Why can't we make it easy?
In the night, you cry, sighed
No one's gonna hear me here
I'm not gonna fight you
I know I can't make you move
But I'm here and I'm not leaving
This is all that I can do.
Track Name: Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee I love you
But we are distant stars
And nothing can bridge this void
Not planes not trains not cars
Annabel Lee I need you
Can I tell you how I feel?
You've not spoke but I keep speaking
Did you know across the brink?
Across the brink.

The lines we've drawn
And the wars we've fought
Disappear, rain down, let me see
Bear me in chains down to your sepulcher
I will be buried but I don't want to leave
And honestly, honestly it's hard to breath
When you're suffocating me
But I just wanna hold on
Even if we cannot breath
So now breath

Annabel Lee I see you
You are living in my dreams
Inside burnt out cities
And spaces in between
Annabel Lee I can touch you
But you're still so far away
With my eyes into your eyes
Something seperates, it seperates

These skeletons, these paper lungs
Water, locks and blood
Spark a shudder, kill the moon
Make ashes of the sun, and I'll come
Chasing jet black silhouettes
Writing complaints all day long
And truthfully, truthfully
It's mud, slipping through cracks in rocks
And blocks, a house slipping down down down down
down down down down down down down down down. (In the original draft, I did write all of those out. #toomuchtimeonmyhands)

And somewhere far away from here
Someone is wondering about me
But for my designs I'll think on him
Give him something, an inversion of me
He sleeps while I am walking
And I walk while he's asleep
I will breath while he is bending
But I'll pretend that he is free
I'll remind myself it's possible
While I try not to see
While I try not, I try not, I try not to see

That I've built the chains that break me
Built from memories
I could throw them to the ocean
But then I would lose Annabel Lee
Track Name: Van Gogh
Chords (It'd be cool if someone made this work on guitar, it'd be hard. It's fairly ergonomic on my instrument however)

F/Bbadd9/13 E/Am7 Eb/Abm F/Bbm

They say that Van Gogh
Died cold and alone
Maybe I've heard wrong
That's not unlikely I suppose
Cause it's the same with many
It's the lucky that we know
Life is hard but the pavement's harder
The waters warm but the asphalt's hotter

C# D# Bbm Bbm

And we live between the lines
In different shades of white
All our thoughts
All our lives
And I've sewn up my own eyes
That's the only way to hide
From these plots
From these designs

I'm wearing someone else's shoes
I'm inside someone else's skin
Living in their photographs
I am tallied in their ends
We have no names and only numbers
And we're never adding up
Potato eaters in our fields
And they'll never find the gun

We're cold and alone
But we're never going home
Someone said we're Van Gogh
But I don't think I'm Van Gogh
Staring at the night sky
The sky looks like it's froze
Someone said we're Van Gogh
But I don't think I'm Van Gogh, no.
Track Name: Through the Night feat. Ashley Vrtis, Joseph Irvin, Lily Oram, Rachel Marolf, Stephanie Harris
Chords: Eb Cm Eb Bb

I can't say that this will ever be easy
I can't say that we will ever be right
But sister if you are breaking
Call and I'll come running through the night

Through the night

I can't take the weight off of your shoulders
I can't make it seem right
But sister, if they shake you down
Call and I'll come running through the night

Through the night

Eb Gm Cm Bb

And all that I can say
All that I can do
I can't write the words
To tell you that it's true
That all that you can say
All that you, you can do
Can't stop all of us
From loving you

Back to normal

The monsters come to life in unseen shadows
Cast inside the cracks inside your hand
But sister, even if you're screaming
Call and I'll come running through the night