Stone Forest

from by Timmy Vilgiate



I wrote this poem sometime in August, since it occurred to me that poetry is sort of a very delicate form of magical weapon that you can use to fight darkness around you. I recorded the guitar as a joke, actually, and then just went with it. Alex squealed in the car and asked me if I could make it into a song. SO I DID.


The halls and hallowed branches
Of the stone forest
Near the mountains edge,
Trails over trains,
And turns over turns,
I bless with a kiss
And walk away,
Wishing there were other
Shapes or faces here,
Invading my perceptions,
Praying you'd leave
As gone as you already are,
This face of a cemetery,
Walking and mumbling inchoate
Parables about the past,

I long to be free of you,
To turn away and no longer
Wish I had one last word,
To believe I am no longer bleeding
From when I cut myself
In front of you
To no longer see myself
As your
Sacrificial lamb,
To burn your forest to the ground
But it's made of stone.
I long to hate you,
But I pity you too deeply.
I long to plant a new forest,
But there's no room to grow
If I let you suffocate my gardens
As they enter ground.

I utter new prayers
To the darkness you left
In my absence;
I shed new colors
In regress to the places
That we treaded.
I paint your forest
Gold and titanium white
And sapphire.
I only want you once
To look at me
And see how far away
I am
From the ghost
You remember.


from Nice French Desserts, released December 23, 2016
Timmy Vilgiate: Bass, Guitar, Synth, Drum machine, Voice, Lyrics, Mastering, Engineering, Production.
Alex Roberts: Squealing noises



all rights reserved


Timmy Vilgiate Colorado Springs, Colorado

"This is the kind of music that really makes you think, 'Ahh yes, a good example of some music.'"
-New York Times

"Lol sounds like it was recorded on an iPhone."
-Internet reviewer

"If this music were a person, your aunt and her book club friends would see it passing on the street and wrinkle their noses in silent condescension."
-Fake review made up by Timmy other ones are real.
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