What are you doing tonight? (Explicit)

from by Timmy Vilgiate



Well one time, I was really upset about America and a lot of societal things, and I could visualize a big atomic bomb burst, hundreds of thousands of them, and imagined myself channeling all of the pain and depression into a poetic nuclear holocaust. What you get out of that attempt is this poem, which was written very quickly on the UCCS Shuttle and in the parking lot while I walked to my car. I recorded the mandolins and then bounced them to stereo to make sure I could get just the right tone on them, and used some loud sounds I'd found to make the drum machine.


Spread through my lungs
Swept like cyanide,
Almond arms,
Dripping with saccharine,
Venomous penance,
Aloof without sacrifice,
Peeling apart answers
And casting animals out of trainwrecks
Hoping for lottery white riches raining down on me
Bought but not sold to no empire's destiny,
Holding out emptiness underneath the rain from your balcony
Hold on to me dear,
Or at least what they've left of me.
The price of our freedom, our youth,
The price of our youth likewise,
In the end we are left clamoring
For any piece of their bread,
Working out limericks and lyrics
To burn for the winter, our faces turning red
From our drunkeness,

I wanna grow old with you
Never cold with you
Never run through the rat race
Suburban circuit strip malls with you
Never hold like you're just a thing to lose,
Burn this new atomic energy
Lurking in the depths of this poetry,
Collide bricks of buildings and split gluons
Folding energy into energy
Love you like antimatter,
Collide and clash and fold together,
New universes
Make love like proton bombardment
Cascade into isotopes and ashes
I wanna go nuclear,
I wanna be radicalized
I wanna be negotiated with
On behalf of public tranquility
Or else I don't wanna be woke up
What's the point of seeing our problems
If we never give a fuck?

I don't wanna bend it,
I wanna break it,
Break past all numbness
Bone muted complacence,
I wanna break past cold fusion
And see the dawn from new angles,
Holy war cultural arson,
Make war against pavements,
Fuck being civilized,
I didn't survive this long,
To be polite to the cannibal and their creation,
I didn't wait this long
To be stuck with myself again
I didn't fight this hard
To be lost in my head again,
Wanting nothing more than to be spared all these pleasantries
I want to break free and then break free from freedom
I want to come loose and then be tied
I wanna know...
What are you doing tonight?


from Nice French Desserts, released December 23, 2016
Timmy Vilgiate: Mandolin, Bass, Drum machine, Voice, lyrics, production, engineering, mastering.



all rights reserved


Timmy Vilgiate Colorado Springs, Colorado

"This is the kind of music that really makes you think, 'Ahh yes, a good example of some music.'"
-New York Times

"Lol sounds like it was recorded on an iPhone."
-Internet reviewer

"If this music were a person, your aunt and her book club friends would see it passing on the street and wrinkle their noses in silent condescension."
-Fake review made up by Timmy other ones are real.
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